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About Us

Real People making Real Estate Dreams Come True!

Both Lea and LV love Alamo Ranch. We aren’t just investors or agents or brokers trying to maximize money or growth. We genuinely love the Alamo Ranch community. I think when you have real estate workers that understand the community you plan to immerse yourself in, it helps.

Whether it’s knowledge about service providers serving Alamo Ranch or great restaurants or the best place to get your car serviced, we LIVE in the community. We ARE Alamo Ranch. .

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The Process

Lea & LV will take you through the entire process of finding your dream home here in Alamo Ranch (or San Antonio, for that matter). Lea & LV share nearly two decades of housing experience with even more hands-on experience for what it takes to build a happy family! Let Lea & LV be the Alamo Ranch Realtors that change your family’s home for the better!





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